The future is here, get the Obiex crypto dollar card and be the first to live it.

Spend your crypto like cash anywhere in the world.

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With the Obiex Crypto Dollar card, you never have to worry about failed online payments again.

It doesn't even matter if you have never used crypto before; Obiex makes the whole process easy.

Conveniently fund your card with crypto; shop and spend with dollars globally.

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The Obiex Crypto Dollar Card allows you to:

Pay your monthly subscriptions; Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple TV, etc

Shop on your favorite stores; Amazon, Shopify, eBay, AliBaba, AliExpress, Wish, etc.

Shop your favorite brands; Nike, Adidas, ASOS, etc.

Pay for Ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

How do I get one of these?

Download the Obiex App

The Obiex App is available for Android and iOS

Create an account

Sign up on the Obiex App, and apply for verification. Approval is fast. Takes a few minutes.

Get Your Card instantly

Create a card, fund it with your Crypto, and start shopping and spending with dollars worldwide.

Who Needs this Virtual crypto card?

Small Businesses

Make payments for integral parts of your business like Facebook ads, domains, and web hosting services without hassle.

Business owners need to separate their finances from their business finances. You can create multiple cards for business and personal expenses to keep your personal affairs separate from your business affairs.

Freelancers/Remote Workers

You can create a recurring payment card for the tools that make your work amazing.

We understand that freelancers also like to test out tools before committing to anything long term. To make it easier for you to test out your tools, we've provided you with a card that can be frozen after the first payment has been made. Look before you leap!


Shop at your favorite stores (Nike, Crocs, ASOS, Adidas, e.t.c) and enjoy buying your favorite stuff with a payment method that never declines.

You never want to see your music stop playing because Spotify can't charge your card. Create a card and enjoy your favorite music playlist without interruption.

We are bringing hassle-free payments to your next vacation. Book flights and hotel reservations, pay for food, and all your trips and tours with your Obiex Crypto Card directly from your wallet.

A Dollar Card that you can trust any day, anytime, anywhere.

No more failed payments. Once Visa or MasterCard is accepted there, your Obiex Crypto Card will work.

Seamless Card Management

Easily create and manage physical and virtual cards from anywhere. Create cards that help your business grow, whether you are a large corporation, a small company, or a freelancer. It's Crypto spending on the go!

Global Access

Pay in seconds with the Obiex Crypto Dollar Card (Both Virtual and Physical) across millions of physical stores globally and on the Internet. It also allows for contactless payments, POS payments, and withdrawing cash from compatible ATMs worldwide.

Access to a Robust Functionality

You can check your balance, view your transaction history, freeze/disable your cards, and reload instantly within the Obiex App.

Advanced Card Security Infrastructure

Our EMV chip-card security allows for the safe use of your cards anywhere on the Internet and in stores globally. It also allows you to lock, freeze and disable your card whenever you want.

Zero Conversion Fees

Funding your Crypto Dollar Card on Obiex is FREE. You pay zero conversion/transaction fees.

Instant Access to Funds

Once you fund your card, you get instant access to your funds, and you can start making payments with your card immediately.

Trusted by over 10,000 People

More than 10,000 people use the Obiex crypto debit card to make payments.

Design Your Own Card

Let your creativity flow by designing your own card. Make it come alive!

Fund with Crypto, and spend cash.

Enjoy Zero Conversion/Transaction Fees with the Obiex Crypto Card

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All The Cool Spots Take Obiex Virtual Crypto Card

Obiex virtual cards work on Nike stores, ASOS, Amazon, Paypal, Namecheap, Starlink, Facebook, Google pay, and many more. If they are cool enough, you can trust Obiex virtual crypto cards to work there.

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Trusted by over 80,000 Crypto Enthusiasts worldwide

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Omo, it's the swap without confirmation for me. Secondly, I love the use of a username in place of a wallet address. Thirdly, shout-outs to Obiex Lynda. She deserves some accolades. Fourthly, I appreciate the regular market price updates.




What currency is the card in?

It's a dollar card, but it allows you to shop on any website, no matter the currency.


Do you have a Physical Card?

Yes. We don't only offer a virtual card. You can also apply and get a physical card to allow you to shop physically anywhere in the world. And if you mistakenly lose your physical card, you can order for a new one.


Is there a virtual card issuance fee?

We charge a $2 flat fee. It gives you lifetime access to your Obiex Crypto Dollar Card


Can I change the currency on the Card?

Unfortunately not. The card is a dollar card, but you can use it on any website, app, or physical store, no matter the currency.


Is it a Credit Card or a Debit Card?

Currently, we only offer debit cards.


Where can we get this card?

You can get the card now by downloading our App. It is available on Android and iOS.


How much do you charge for funding the card?

We have zero funding/conversion/transaction fees. Funding your crypto card is free.


How exactly do I fund my Obiex Crypto Dollar Card?

You can fund your virtual or physical card on the Obiex platform using stable coins like USDT, BUSD and USDC. Don't have any of those coins in your Obiex Wallet? Don't worry. You can swap your other coins for those stable coins instantly. We have over 20 different swap pairs available.


What's the maximum number of virtual cards I can create on Obiex?

You can create as many virtual cards as you want. Use different cards to manage different payments and subscriptions. You can also freeze or disable the cards whenever you like. And we don't charge you for inactivity. Zero pressure.


How secure are my funds and my online financial activity?

We use the world class standard DMV chip card security to protect your privacy and safeguard you against fraudulent transactions online.


After I fund my Obiex Crypto Dollar Card, how long till I can use the funds?

Immediately. Funding gives you instant access to the funds. Once you Download the App, Sign up, Apply and get Verified, you can immediately fund and start using your Obiex Crypto Dollar Card.


How long does this verification process take?

Our KYC verification takes just about two minutes. And you're good to go.


What's the maximum amount I can load on my Obiex Crypto Dollar Card?

You can load as much as you want provided it is in line with the local financial laws of your district and state.

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