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Trade your Crypto with ease

With Obiex you can now swap your crypto instantly and more conveniently, even without confirmations.

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Why Are People Using Obiex?

People are using Obiex for a host of reasons, including a smooth path to financial freedom.

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We make it super easy to trade your crypto assets, from easily creating wallets to swapping and storing your coins.

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Very Fast

Swapping crypto tokens doesn’t get any faster than this, get the payment in your Obiex balance without any confirmation required.

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Your transactions and assets stored are completely safe and guarded by our state of the art cryptography security infrastructures to tackle and eliminate any possible fraud risks.

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Market Updates

Get regular updates on whats happening in the market and info that can guide you through your crypto journey.

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Trading With Obiex Is Simple

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Financial Freedom

Store crypto assets, send coins to your friends, and swap your crypto tokens smoothly, at no cost.

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Receive Crypto Easily On OBIEX

Receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether in your Obiex wallet easily. You can store your crypto assets or swap them for other coins.

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Obiex is a digital asset exchange and financial technology platform that offers users access to financial freedom through swapping, investing and earning profits on crytpo assets
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  1. Add wallet of crypto assets you want to swap
  2. Send crypto to your created wallet
  3. Click swap and select the coin you want to exchange to
  4. Receive swapped coin in wallet balance
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You can swap your coins for a variety of reasons, one of those reasons is to acquire a different coin you consider valuable. For example you can swap some Bitcoin you have for Ethereum to own more Ethereum.

You can also swap your volatile crypto to a stable coin to store profits you make or to prevent losses on a crypto asset. For example, if you buy Ethereum and it's on a bull run but you imagine it could drop, you could swap a certain amount to a stable coin and lock it in so you don't make losses regardless of how the market goes.

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Your wallet balance will show on your wallets, you can hide the balance from prying eyes if you wish
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Obiex is designed to make you trade crypto smoothly to financial freedom with an easy to use app, reliable security, and earning opportunities